Writing is never easy. But with practice, it becomes easier.

Recently, a reader asked me if I had any tips on being a writer.

I never considered myself a “writer” (most writers don’t), even though I have been publishing online in various forms for the last 10 years.

The question forced me to think. I started writing, so I could think (see #2 below).

When I finished typing a reply, I noticed I had written a short essay on lessons about the craft of writing.

So here’s what I learned throughout 10 years of writing:

1. Write for Yourself

When I started writing, I wrote for myself. …

How to design a system to be creative every day and keep moving on to the next project (regardless of success or failure)


How to become findable when you hate the idea of self-promotion.


“In the beginning, we learn by pretending to be our heroes. We learn by copying”

Practical ways to stop procrastinating (once and for all).

Browsing social media, playing games, watching Netflix.

Just 3 examples of things you never procrastinate on. No need to rely on motivation or willpower to watch The Office. You just… do.

So it’s easy to assume we only procrastinate on things that aren’t fun.

Like cleaning your room.

But when I was in college, cleaning seemed like a wonderful thing during exam season. Like, seriously, the best thing ever. College Dan be ready to Kondo the entire apartment instead of studying Algebra.

It wasn’t because cleaning was suddenly fun. You wouldn’t see a broom in my hand until the next…

Ever wondered why proverbs and urban legends stick around for centuries?

Lessons from the most successful hedge fund manager ever

Dan Silvestre

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