Time Blocking: How to Get The Most Out of Your Schedule

Some of the most productive people in the world swear by a technique called time blocking. Here’s how to use it.

What is Time Blocking?

How I Discovered Time Blocking

Why Does Time Blocking Work?

Time Blocking Creates Deadlines

Time Blocking Prevents Procrastination

Time Blocking Helps You Focus On Hard Tasks

Time Blocking Makes Small Tasks More Efficient

Block Scheduling Creates Accountability

How Does Time Blocking Work?

Step 1: Determine Your Goals, Priorities, and Obligations

Step 2: Create a Blank Template For Your Block Calendar

Step 3: Fill in Fixed Tasks and Personal Activities

Step 4: Create Blocks for Focused Work

Step 5: Schedule Blocks for Repeat, Easy Tasks, and Errands

Step 6: Hold a Weekly Review to Evaluate and Plan

4 Tips to Improve Your Time Blocking Efforts

1. Stick to the Schedule

2. Use Intervals and Take Breaks

3. Create ‘Themes’ for Each Day

4. Build a Routine

4 Time Blocking Missteps to Avoid

1. Don’t Over-Plan Fun

2. Don’t Be Too Rigid

3. Avoid Planning Tasks in Too Much Detail

4. Don’t Get Disheartened

The 4 Best Time Blocking Apps

1. TickTick Premium — Time Blocking and Interval Timer

2. Planway — Team Calendar

3. SkedPal — Automated Time Blocking

4. HourStack — Time Tracking for Your Time Blocking

You Control Your Time Blocking

Field Notes

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