The End of Jobs by Taylor Pearson: Summary and Notes

Jobs are being replaced by software. And when the time comes, you want to be the one with the software, not the one with the job.

Dan Silvestre


“While our first instinct is usually attempting to push harder, it’s more valuable to figure out where to push.”

Rating: 6/10

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The End of Jobs Short Summary

The End of Jobs by Taylor Pearson argues that the leverage points in creating wealth have changed because of globalization. Because this tendency is accelerating, it offers a massive advantage to entrepreneurs. We’re experiencing a shift in our economy, and jobs are being replaced by software. When the time comes, you want to be the one with the software, not the one with the job.

We Have Reached the End of Jobs

“Jobs” vs “Entrepreneurship”:

  1. A job is following the operating system someone else created
  2. Entrepreneurship is connecting, creating, and inventing systems

As a society, we’ve hit peak jobs.

This is because:

  1. Many of the jobs are going overseas
  2. Or being replaced by machines
  3. And the value of a degree is dropping

So don’t ask “How do I get a job doing that?”. Instead, ask: “How do I create a job doing that?”

People who are limited to simply follow instructions cannot create growth in a business. What’s scarce and more in demand is people who understand and operate in complex and chaotic systems.

And those people are entrepreneurs.

Theory of Constraints (from The Goal): any system with a goal has one limit. It’s a waste of resources worrying about other things outside this one limit. You have to identify the limit and improve on it until it is no longer the limiting factor.



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