The 7 Productive Habits of Highly Effective Managers

What makes a manager go from good to great is much more than just skills.

Dan Silvestre


What makes a manager go from good to great is much more than just skills. The secret sauce is their productive habits.

I’m talking about things that go beyond the usual to-do list or productivity systems. These habits shape how managers handle their time, talk to their teams, and keep growing.

Productive habits are the foundational building blocks for sustained success and effective leadership.

When you develop productive habits, you:

  1. Improve your time management
  2. Empower your team
  3. Make better decisions
  4. Deliver consistent performance
  5. Become more flexible and can adapt to change

Below, you’ll find the 7 productive habits of highly effective managers.

Whether you’re a manager — or soon to become one — they’ll help you not just manage but own the leadership game.

Ready to unravel the secrets?

Let’s do this.

Productive Habit #1: Focus on the Big Stuff First

Productive managers and constantly juggling spinning plates. You have to balance multiple projects, priorities, and a long list of tasks.

The key?

Focus on the most important plates first — it’s the secret sauce to staying on top of the game.

Consider your to-do list.

There’s always that one task that’s the most important, the game-changer. Doing that task first thing is like hitting a home run. It sets the tone for the entire day.

Start the day by “eating your frog”. Face the toughest task in the morning.

Why does it work?

Well, it helps you beat procrastination. No more delaying things until the last minute. You’re in control of your…



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