Stop Email Overload: 7 Tips to Keep Your Inbox Under Control

How to make your inbox work for you, not against you.

Dan Silvestre


Today, I’ll share everything I did to stop my email overload.

My email inbox used to be a total mess.

I was drowning in too many emails, most of them unimportant to me. Every day, I was being bombarded with new emails. The number of unread messages kept piling up.

It would take me several minutes to find an important email. Important emails were being buried among the sea of messages. Sometimes, I’d miss them altogether.

I’d stare at my inbox and the hundreds of unread emails and I’d feel stressed and anxious. I used to think to myself: “How did I end up here?”

I knew I had to change.

So I decided to rethink my approach.

I read everything I could on email management and upped my email game. I changed my system for dealing with email. The days of dealing with email overload finally came to an end.

Today, my email inbox doesn’t bring me stress anymore. It brings me calm. I know that every single message is important to me. And I only have a few emails every day to process.



Dan Silvestre

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