Simple Hack to Stop Procrastinating

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Last year, I was not motivated to work or do my tasks. I procrastinated a lot and it was not being helpful. My output was cut in half even if I doubled the hours of work.

It sucked so much that I decided to actively research the hacks of super-productive people, every single day.

After a while, I started to understand their secrets. It literally saved my life and career. They helped me gain a joyful, productive and successful life with little or no effort.

And I uncovered a simple hack to beat procrastination, day in day in.

I added this rule to my personal vault with my list of productivity hacks and made it a free invite-only community.

I want to share a simple yet very effective hack to overcome procrastination.

It’s a simple time-saving hack that you can use to boost your productivity almost instantly.

It’s called the “2-Minute Rule”.

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Did you know that 9 out of 10 people never finish their daily to-do lists because they include a lot of mundane tasks?

That‘s where the 2-minute rules comes into play: it helps you get rid of a ton of unimportant things from your to-do list so you can focus your time on finishing the most important ones.

There are two parts to the 2-minute rule:

Part 1: If something can be done in two minutes, just do it.

If a task takes less than two minutes of your time, do it right away. Don’t add it to your to-do list. Don’t put it aside for later. Don’t delegate it to someone else. Just do it.

Some examples:

- answer an email

- retweet winning content

- come up with a few blog ideas

- send an update to a colleague

There are a ton of tiny, seemingly trivial tasks that take less than two minutes yet need to be done EVERY DAY.

Part 2: If something takes more than two minutes, then start it.

Once you take an action on any 2-minute task, you will feel better equipped to work on even bigger tasks because of the sense of momentum you’ve built.

For example:

- Want to write a thousand words every day? Write 50 words in the next two minutes.

- Want to meditate for 20 minutes a day? Go to Experience Calm and meditate for two minutes.

- Want to exercise for one hour a day? Do jumping jacks for just two minutes.

Once you start acting on small tasks, you can keep the ball rolling.

Try this simple hack for a week.

It literally changed my life.

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