My Productivity Stack: 10 Apps That Help Me Get Things Done

This combination of apps helps me manage my daily life and be more productive.

Dan Silvestre


Below, you’ll find my productivity stack. This is the combination of digital apps that help me manage my daily life and be more productive.

I’ll include the main categories and my app of choice. I’ll also give you other recommendations you can use to achieve the same result.

My productivity stack has evolved through the years. Sometimes, it comes down to a personal preference. As long as you’re getting your work done effectively, the tool doesn’t matter much.

So it’s helpful to think first “What do I need to achieve?” and only then look for a tool. From experience, most people do it the other way around. They try a tool first and then get frustrated that it doesn’t fit their needs.

I like my tools to be simple, easy to maintain, and have one purpose only.

For example: I’m not interested in an email app that allows me to have email, calendar, and a to-do list. For an email app, I am only going to use it for email.

I highly recommend that you use my recommendations below to craft or optimize your productivity stack.

A great productivity stack:

  1. Increases your leverage. Allows you to be more effective and work on your highest-leverage activities
  2. Makes work more enjoyable. Working with the right tools makes work fun
  3. Optimizes your efficiency. If you get more done with less input, you are more productive. Simple as that
  4. Saves you time. Automate repetitive tasks and free up your time to focus on high-value tasks
  5. Makes you more organized. You find what you need quickly and reduce your overwhelm

Let’s go.

#1 Task Management: Things

I don’t work from my to-do list but rather use it as a capture tool for all the tasks I might do.



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