Ivy Lee Productivity: How to Get More Out of Your Day

The Ivy Lee method consists of six simple steps and it’s perfect for those who find other productivity tools stressful to use.

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The Ivy Lee Guide to Getting More Done

1. Create a List of Your Desired Goals for All Areas of Your Life

Break Your Life Goals Down Into Categories

Take Those Goals and Specify Them Further

Create a Deadline for Your Goals

Simplify Goals and Track Progress

Update Your Goals As You Progress

2. Every Night, Write Down Six Things You Need to Do to Bring You Closer to Your Goal

3. Prioritize Your Tasks By Listing Them in Order of Importance

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4. Every Day, Work on Each Item Until Each One Is Complete

5. Take Any Unfinished Items and Place Them Into Tomorrow’s List

6. Repeat This Process Daily for Better Results

The Ivy Lee Method: Field Notes

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