How to Have a Brand New Year, Every Week

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To make progress in your goals, you need to develop habits and track them. You may have to adjust your system — your habits — or your goals. But following these steps ensures you are a) aware of your goal and b) the actions needed to achieve it.

Step 1: One Goal

Step 2: Find Your “Why”

It doesn’t matter what you do, but it really matters why you do it.

Step 3: One Habit

Find an activity that you can turn into a habit and do it every single day, no excuses.

Use this formula to write down your goals: Action + Metric + Time + by + Habit

Step 4: Scheduling

Step 5: Tracking

Put a big X on each day you do your habit. This will create a chain of X’s showing your progress. Focus on growing your chain longer and longer. Your only job is NOT to break the chain.

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