How to Get Into Flow: 5 Actionable Tips to Being In the Zone

The closest thing you can have to a superpower.

Dan Silvestre


When you know how to get into flow, it’s the closest thing you can have to a superpower.

If you’ve ever truly experienced flow, you know there’s nothing quite like it.

And it’s a feeling so addictive that once you’ve experienced it, you crave more of it.

It’s the greatest productivity booster out there, better than any app or method.

The flow state is the key to ultimate productivity.

Flow is an optimal state of consciousness, a state where you feel your best and perform your best.

It’s those moments of rapt attention and total absorption.

While in a state of flow, you are so focused on the task at hand that everything around you disappears and time dilates.

All aspects of physical and cognitive performance go through the roof.

Your focus is sharp, so awareness and activity merge, making you able to achieve much more than in your usual state of mind.

Flow increases your work satisfaction, boosts creativity, and your personal and…



Dan Silvestre

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