How To Focus On Reading: 15 Ways to Improve Your Concentration

I know concentrating is hard. That’s why we’re here. I’m going to show you how to improve your reading instantly.

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How To Prepare For Focused Reading

1. Practice Meditation

2. Exercise Before You Read

3. Improve Your Nutrition For Better Concentration

4. Set Up Your Environment For Fewer Distractions

How to Focus on Reading Boring Text

5. Focus on the Motivation For Reading

6. Understand What You Need to Get Out Of The Reading

7. Set Small Targets to Get Started

8. Use Interval Reading Timers

9. Reward Yourself After Successful Reading Sessions

10. Take Regular Breaks

Simple Techniques To Focus On Reading

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11. Use a Pointer For Your Eyes to Follow

12. Review the Whole Structure Before You Start Reading

13. Look For Clues About Which Parts Are Important

Reading Strategies for Better Reading Comprehension

14. Make Notes and Outlines While You Read

15. Always Review and Summarize When You’re Done

Final Note: It Takes Practice

It’s Time To Start Reading

How to Focus on Reading: Field Notes

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