How I Am Productive

Here are my “secrets”.

Dan Silvestre


I like to think I am productive and get a lot of stuff done.

Every week, someone asks me “How can I be more productive?” This is a natural question to be asked when you’ve spent the last decade finding better ways to work.

I’ve written about productivity for the better part of the last decade. But it was almost always “Here’s what you should do” and less “Here’s what’s working for me.”

In this essay, I’ll share my “secrets” and productivity system.

Productivity is about the process, not the instrument.

As for what my productivity is going towards, here’s the current list:

  • Coaching clients. I run 1:1 and group sessions with ambitious clients who want to improve their performance
  • This website. Where I write articles like these and publish my book notes
  • My newsletter. Goes out twice a week with an article on Fridays
  • The High Performers. A community for people who want to be more productive while having more fun
  • Running marathons and playing tournaments. More on this below

It took me 12 years to build the system you’ll discover below. It’s been mostly a process of trial and error and reading a lot of books.

It works for me. Some parts might work for you. Others might not. Take what you think will work for you.

In the words of Bruce Lee:

“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.”

The Productivity Feedback Loop

We’ll dive into my systems and tactics but first I want to talk about something more important.

To be more productive, you need to respect the fundamentals of productivity. This means exercising every day, eating healthy, and getting enough sleep to rest and recover.

When you are disciplined following this productivity feedback loop, you’ll see your results improve…



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