Focus on Small Wins for Massive Growth in Your Life

Dan Silvestre
7 min readNov 5, 2018
small wins

Small wins are the number one reason I’m a prolific writer today.

More than two years ago, I started writing every single morning. My small win was to write at least 500 words.

And so while the sun was rising, I would apply “pants to the seat” and get 500 words down. The topic was irrelevant. The only goal was to write at least 500 words.

With time, it became easier to write 500 words. Some days I would continue writing after achieving my goal. And some days I really struggled and the minute I got 500 words down I would get on with my life.

Little by little, progress started to show.

In a few weeks, I finished a few articles. And as an unexpected side effect, I was more creative than ever. The more I wrote the more ideas would float around my brain.

I tried blogging before. But the initial motivation would quickly disappear. But this time, it was different. I looked forward to getting up and get cranking.

I just need 500 words…

Two years later, I still write at least 500 words upon waking up.

What looked as a simple goal turned into a powerful habit.

That’s the power of small wins.

The Power of Small Wins

Small wins compound over time.

Suddenly big and lofty goals seem achievable.

Josh Grisham books have sold more than 300 million copies. His advice to aspiring writers? “Write a page every day. Do that for two years and you’ll have a novel that’s long enough. Nothing will happen until you are producing at least one page per day.”

Jerry Seinfeld in one of the most famous comedians of all time. His advice to aspiring comedians? “The way to be a better comic is to create better jokes. The way to create better jokes is to write every day.”

“I’ve found that small wins, small projects, small differences often make huge differences.” — Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Small wins give you the power to change yourself and your life.

Dan Silvestre

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