Extreme Productivity by Robert Pozen: Summary and Notes

“Success depends in large part on a proper mind-set: focusing on the results you plan to achieve, rather than the number of hours you work. The results are what matter most to your employer, clients, and colleagues.”

Dan Silvestre
10 min readDec 2, 2020


Rating: 8/10

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Extreme Productivity Short Summary

Extreme Productivity is an outstanding book on making the most of what little time you have. Do you want to be extremely productive at everything you do? It will teach you how. In the book, Pozen shares tips and tricks on doubling your productivity. Whether it is reading, writing, office work, or traveling, there is something for you.

What Is Personal Productivity?

Personal productivity is the quantity and quality of your results in achieving your goals. To be productive, you have to focus on the results that you want to achieve and not on the time that is spent doing the work.

Part 1: The Three Big Ideas

To maximize your productivity, apply these three ideas:

  1. Articulate your goals and rank them in order of priority
  2. Focus on the final product
  3. Don’t sweat the small stuff

Set and Prioritize Your Goals

The first step in setting your goals should be to think carefully about the activity you are engaging in and what you expect to get at the end.

To establish your highest-ranking goals:

  1. Write everything that you are doing or planning to do
  2. Organize the items by time horizons ie: yearly goals, career goals, etc
  3. Rank your objectives by their relative importance. When doing this, take into account what the world needs and what you want
  4. Rank your targets by their relative importance.
  5. Estimate how you use your time and see…



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