Chronic Procrastination: How to Get Rid of It and Overcome It for Good

How many times have you googled chronic procrastination? Too many, right? And even with billions of good advice online, you still struggle.

Dan Silvestre


Good, old chronic procrastination.

How many times have you googled it? Although often described and analyzed, chronic procrastination still takes hostages. The deadline is looming, but you keep putting your task off.

With billions of good advice online, we still struggle.

Seriously, how could I not procrastinate?

And what’s even worse:

The more you know about it, the stronger the sense of guilt.

So you think to yourself:

“I’ve read everything that’s out there, but I still can’t do it” — and the downgrading voice echoes in your mind.

Not to mention the quality of work. You could have done it much better, if only.

From elementary to middle school, procrastination is often confused with laziness. “A lazy genius” — they say. It sounds rather flattering.

As a student, you already understand that you have a problem. Yet, the University hang-loose lifestyle covers all the flaws.

Later on, the situation only gets worse. The chronic procrastination monster shows his teeth. Meanwhile, all you wish is to fight it over for good.

Chronic procrastination can affect your quality of life on a daily basis.

But here are the good news:

According to some psychologists, procrastination is a learned habit -more nurture than nature.

Chronic Procrastination: Meet the Enemy

People who experience chronic procrastination hear that:

  • It’s their fault
  • They need to stop complaining and “Just do it”
  • They are lazy or immature

But here’s the truth:

As a chronic procrastinator, you know these claims are wrong.



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