A GTD Weekly Review for Insanely Busy Managers

How do 52 opportunities to start fresh sound?

Dan Silvestre


The GTD Weekly Review is the best work habit you can develop.

It’s Friday evening and I’m staring at my computer. I’m thinking: “I haven’t accomplished much this week”.

Sure, I put in 60+ hours at work. Yet, I have this feeling I’ve got nothing important done.

Welcome to my life a few years ago…

Fast forward to today:

I’m in control. I know what I have accomplished this week. And I’m ready for next week.

But getting to this point was not a straightforward process. I used to spend a couple of hours on Sunday reviewing every single thing: tasks, goals, strategy, and plans.

And I hated it. So I started skipping it. I dreaded doing it.

With practice, I’ve tweaked it into a simple GTD weekly review. I review my week, update my to-do list, and get ready for the upcoming week.

And then I close my computer and end my week.

Today, you’re going to discover my simple GTD weekly review.

If you…

  • Have no idea what to work on Monday morning
  • End the week feeling you haven’t made any progress on your goals
  • Try to focus on too many things each week, achieving little in each
  • Feel you’re not in control of your week and work

Then you need to develop the GTD weekly review habit.

Think of it this way:

A GTD weekly review is a time for reflection. To become proactive in your life, rather than reactive.

It’s 52 new week’s resolutions instead of just one New Year’s resolution.

It’s 52 opportunities to start fresh.

The GTD Weekly Review

Here’s the mistake most people make:

The GTD weekly review is not for planning. Or for getting things done.



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