24 Ways to Make 2024 Your Miracle Year

Annus Mirabilis awaits.

Dan Silvestre


In 1905, Albert Einstein published four papers in a scientific journal. These became major contributions to the foundation of modern physics.

Because he published these papers in a single year, 1905 became his annus mirabilis.

2024 is here.

Will it be your Annus Mirabilis?

Here are 24 actionable ideas to help you crush the year ahead. I’ve divided them into work, health, money, and personal.

Start by picking one from each category to get started this week. Get used to it for a month before moving on to the next one.

Repeat this for the year. Do that and 2024 will be your best year ever.

Your Annus Mirabilis awaits.

Annus Mirabilis: Work Actions

#1 Start your day doing deep work

Go into your calendar and schedule a one-hour block each morning for deep work. Protect this timeslot at all costs.



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